Afghanistan discovery tour

Ten days to discover the most emblematic places in Afghanistan !

Our full tour Price : 2900 Dollars $

Our Backpacker tour : 2200 Dollars $

Included :

Local guide, entry tickets, lodging, breakfast and internal flight

Not-included :

International Flight, insurance lunch and dinner

Kaboul - Mazzar e Shariff-Herat - Bamyan

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Day 1 : Welcome to Kabul

We report together to the local authorities and obtain permission to move around the country. Let's explore the traditional museum of Kabul and enjoy a peaceful moment at the Christian cemetery, before chilling at the beautiful Qargha lake for ending the day.

Day 2 : Exploring Kabul

Upon arrival at Kabul airport, you are invited to share a meal with your local host or try out one of the capital's traditional restaurants. You can then settle down peacefully at your accommodation within an Afghan family, or at a Hostel. It's now time to explore the surprising bird market and the typical Bazaar of Kabul to purchase traditional clothing; shawar khamis for men, burqua or long clothing for women. At the end of the day, visit Darul Aman palace overlooking the Great Hill of Kabul, the city's best view point, ideal for admiring the sunset over Kabul.

Day 3 and 4 : Uncover Bamiyan

Departure in the morning by car to Bamiyan. During these two days we will explore Bamiyan's most emblematic places, such as the remains of the famous Buddha statues. Wander across the astonishing landscape of the six-following-lakes, and why not rent a paddle ? Next, we shall visit the historical places born from the ancetral Bouddhist heritage, such as the Red City and the City of screams. It's eventually time to return to Kabul by car.

Board the morning flight to Herat and explore the vibrant Old City, bazaar, mosques, and ancient buildings adorned with intricate tilework. Next step: visiting the famous Friday Mosque with its stunning turquoise dome and minarets, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of the region. View the iconic Citadel of Herat, a remarkable architectural masterpiece dating back to the third century before Jesus Christ. At the end of the day, it will be time to catch the plane back to Kabul where you shall spend your last day, depending of your Flight shedule.

Day 5 and 7: discover the city of Herat

For a seven days trip


  • Lodging

  • Breakfast ans snacks

  • Driver

  • Guides

  • Visa facilitation

  • Airport transfert

  • Internal flights

Internationals flight aren't included

2100 estimated $ per person

1800 $ above three persons

Degressives rates above 5 persons

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